8. march International Women's Day

For Women's Day: give flowers and show your appreciation

On the 8th of March we celebrate the International Women's Day worldwide. A great occasion to please your sweetheart, mom, grandma, a girlfriend or a nice co-worker. For Women's Day, flowers are a popular gift idea to thank the special women in your life for their support, help and love. Show your loved ones their appreciation with an individual bouquet for Women's Day and conjure up a smile on their faces. The easiest way is by selecting a pretty bouquet in Flower24's online shop and sending the flowers through us. In time for World Women's Day, we deliver the flower surprise in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

A beautiful bouquet for Women's Day: The perfect gift idea

In order to express your own appreciation, but also love, respect and thanks, flowers are a great gift idea for Women's Day. Whether in subtle pastel colors, passionate reds or in colorful spring colors: It is permissible, what the lady likes and best reflects her feelings. Even sets of flowers and small gifts have become increasingly popular in recent years. Be inspired by our wide range of products and find the perfect women's day flowers for your personal heroine from just CHF 39.90.

You want to give flowers for the Women's Day - but which ones?

The selection of flowers for Women's Day is huge and many men are unsure: Which bouquet is the right one? Should it be red roses or are they reserved for Valentine's Day? What do carnations or gerberas stand for and should the bouquet be more monochrome or colorful? The following overview provides the first clues for the election, if you want to give flowers for the Women's Day:

  • Red roses (for example, bound in the form of hearts) usually have a romantic meaning and are the right choice as a present for the wife or girlfriend. Small presents such as a chocolates heart or a plush lucky charm complete the women's day gifts for the sweetheart. Pink roses, a bouquet of colorful roses or mixed bouquets of orange or yellow roses are suitable as women's day flowers for all women, because they also symbolize pride, beauty and grandeur.
  • If you are not sure, you can give flowers on Women's Day, which are mixed and reminiscent of spring. A bouquet of gerberas, colorful tulips, yellow daffodils, freesia, asclepia, clematis, ranunculus, red anemones or chrysanthemums radiates joy, freshness and joie de vivre and is a great idea for a mum, a grandmother, a girlfriend or a colleague. If the Women's Day is a flower greeting for a colleague in the office, irises are also the perfect choice, because in the floral language they stand for creativity and unbridled energy and have a motivating effect.
  • Should it be more discreet, you can also give flowers on the day of the women, which are based entirely on pastel shades. Caution is only necessary with white roses and lilies, which are more likely to be used in bereavement.

Small gifts for Women's Day also have international tradition

Around the world, the International Women's Day is celebrated differently. The history of Women's Day dates back to 1911, when Clara Zetkin - a Socialist from Germany - initiated for the first time popular assemblies for the introduction of women's suffrage and equal rights for both sexes. Since March 8, 1921, World Women's Day is celebrated annually and has lost its socialist character in many countries. The tradition of giving flowers for International Women's Day has been preserved. Whereas red carnations were mostly found in socialist countries, the variety has become much more colorful and the choice of a beautiful flower bouquet for the lady is almost limitless. In countries like Cuba, Vietnam or in the territory of the former USSR, World Women's Day is even a public holiday on 8 March. In Russia, Poland and other countries, small gifts for Women's Day are also popular alongside flowers, such as chocolates, perfume or jewelry.

Simply order flowers online on Women's Day and other occasions

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