Care tips for fresh flowers

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Care tips for plants

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Care tips for tried flowers

  1. Allgemein

    They are not only beautiful and very decorative, but also need little attention and, with the right care, last for what feels like an eternity:

    We have put together some tips and tricks - for maximum enjoyment of your flowery companions.

    Dried flowers are fragile and delicate.

    ✔ Touch them as little as possible.
    ✔ Avoid direct sunlight and wind.
    ✔ Don't worry if they are a little bent: natural flowers do that!
    ✔ Dried flowers do not need water.

Care tips for stabilised roses

  1. Allgemein

    Your flower gift has been made with real roses, also called infinity roses.
    With the right care, you can enjoy your natural product for months or even years.

    To keep the rose box in the best possible condition, please note the following:

    ✔ Do not water the roses!
    ✔ Remove dust only with a brush
    ✔ Avoid frequent contact
    ✔ Do not place in the sun
    ✔ Avoid humidity