Mexican pleasure with dahlias

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The dahlia’s petals sparkle like a shimmering crown covered in diamonds. They’re so colourful and eye-catching that this Mexican beauty can’t help but show them off.


The dahlia’s most eye-catching feature is its petals: sometimes evenly coloured, but often noticeably bright with spots or lines. Some flowers have a single row of petals, others have dozens; this fabulous flower has an incredible number of colour and shape variations. For example, the petals can be round, elongated or rolled. 


Could I have a ‘yours forever’ bouquet, please? When you buy dahlias, you are buying more than just fantastic flowers. The flower symbolises abundance, strength and the message ‘yours forever’. Choose the right colour and shape to make the message even more personal!   


The dahlia is a tuberous plant originating from Mexico. When we ‘discovered’ America in around 1800, we brought the flower to Europe. Here the bundle of petals was named after the Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl, one of Linnaeus’ pupils. 


  • Fill a vase with water at room temperature and cut flower food.

  • Trim the stems diagonally with a sharp knife.

  • Place the vase in a reasonably cool spot, not too close to heaters or in the sun.

  • Dahlias prefer not to be near the fruit bowl.

  • Dahlias drink a lot, so top the vase up regularly.